I’m currently recording and producing artists and bands from my new studio in Brentford, London. Feel free to get in touch with any enquiries.

In addition to my studio, I also dry hire other studios when required. I have a good relationship with Bowerman Studios (having worked there for over 3 years previously). Bowerman’s is a great place to work for larger scale projects, and gives me access to a very impressive collection of top of the line vintage microphones, including a pair of 70’s Neumann u87s, pair of Schoeps CMC3’s, 70’s AKG 452s, EV RE15 etc – and a bunch of more modern microphones from Rode, AKG, Audix, Sennheiser, Shure, Octava, some EH ribbons etc. Other gear includes monitoring through the Focal Twin 6BE system, conversion via Lynx Aurora 16, and Preamps from DAV (8), ClassicAPI VP25 / VP 28, Avedis Ma5, TNC ACMP-73, as well as the Midas Venice console.

A more comprehensive studio gear list can be viewed here.

My personal role in the studio varies from job to job, from working as a session musician for artists to full scale production and mixing. As a producer I’m interested in working with talented artists and bands to help realise their creative visions.

Wayward Compass Gear List (.pdf file)

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